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Product release: New PRO4 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

We are pleased to announce we have launched a New PRO4 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems for Medium Sized Commercial and Industrial Applications.

The PRO4 Series are available as a standard system or deluxe RO system, with the deluxe systems designed for applications requiring disinfection capabilities. The flow rates range from 2,400 up to 19,200 gallons per day.

Here are just a few of the many features that make the PRO4 Series stand out.

Advanced Controller Technology with Superior Interface

  • Controller stores up to 4 programs
  • Easily programmed by connecting controller to PC
  • Interface software is no additional cost and is included with the system
  • Controller on deluxe models is UL 508 certified

Modular Design Results in Improved Lead Times and Reduced Price

  • Base units can be built up in advance
  • Production process has been streamlined

Universal Frame Provides Expandability

  • All systems utilize the same frame
  • Systems can be expanded

Extra Low Energy Membranes = Cost Savings

  • RO membranes operate at very low applied pressure
  • Provide consistent and reliable system performance

AmeriWater Offers Complete Water Systems

  • Pretreatment and post treatment are available
  • Custom designed to meet your specific water needs

You can find more information on the PR04 systems here.

Orders can be placed immediately for the new PRO4 Series, to make an inquiry, contact our sales representatives here or call our team on 800-535-5585.