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Bicarb System – Automatic Dual Tank Mix and Distribution

Bicarb System – Automatic Dual Tank Mix and Distribution

AmeriWater’s Automatic Dual Tank Bicarb Mix and Distribution System provides worry free preparation and distribution of bicarbonate solution; allowing facilities to take advantage of the cost savings of mixing bicarb in bulk. This system meets all of the AAMI/ISO, AAMI RD52:2004 and CMS Conditions of Coverage.



  • Virgin polyethylene tanks with sanitary o-ring sealed lids and sub-micron vent filters to prevent contamination of the system and concentrate.
  • Low profile cone bottom tanks with 10” diameter fill holes allow for easy loading of bicarbonate powder.
  • High vortex stainless steel pump mixing action provides complete mixing in minutes and keeps the bicarbonate powder in solution.
  • Disinfection is quick and simple with chemicals or ozone.
  • Bicarb system and distribution loop can be disinfected with ozone at the same time, significantly reducing the disinfection time.
  • Adjustable throttle valve improves disinfection by allowing increased pressure and flow rate through the distribution loop, which also results in faster rinse out of the disinfectant.
  • The distribution loop return to the bottom of the tank prevents splashing and CO2 loss.
  • Manual RO water valves, which spray the entire inside of the tanks, allow for quick and complete rinsing of the bicarb or disinfectant.
  • Ergonomically designed control panel is easily accessible.
  • The bicarb mix timer prevents over-mixing of the solution.
  • The distribution tank has high and low level audible alarms and low-level distribution pump shut off.
  • Optional remote bicarb alarm package available.


Model 00BC55-55 00BC100-100 00BC100-200
Mix/ Distribution Tank Volume Gallons 55/55 100/100 100/185
Electrical Requirement 120 V, 20 Amp Dedicated GFI
Mix Pump HP ½ HP
Distribution Pump HP ½ HP
Inlet Connection (end user to provide) ½” Female NPT
Outlet Connection to Distribution Loop ½” OD Compression
Distribution Loop Return ½” OD Compression
Drain From Mix and Distribution Tanks 1¼” ID Hose Barb
Automatic Mix Fill GPM 2
Distribution Flow Rate GPM/PSI Adjustable/Adjustable
Mix Time Minutes Adjustable
Tank Vent Filter Micron (Quantity 2) 0.2 Sub-Micron, DOE
Dimension Inches (W x D x H) 66 x 32 x 70 89 x 37 x 70 89 x 37 x 96
Shipping Weight Lbs. 480 503 565
Note: AmeriWater recommends distribution loop to be installed using ½” OD polyethylene tubing to
minimize bacteria growth.


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 81988
  • Seismic Approved
  • Controller is UL Listed