Ozone Disinfection System

Save Valuable Time and Money With AmeriWater’s Highly Effective Ozone Disinfection System

Disinfecting bicarbonate and dialysis water systems usually means measuring and mixingOzone Disinfection System chemicals, running them through the dialysis water loop, rinsing out the chemicals, which takes time, and then carefully verifying there are no residuals left in the loop. Don’t you have more productive things to do? Well, AmeriWater’s ozone disinfection system is the solution.

Disinfect your entire water system in less than 2 hours

With the AmeriWater Ozone Disinfection System, you simply hook up a portable, self-contained unit to your dialysis water loop and turn it on. In less than two hours, your system is totally disinfected – and there are no chemicals to clean up and dispose of. Ozone will revert back to oxygen in three hours so no residual remains…and no rinse, repeat, and verifying cycle is necessary.

No chemicals are needed, lowering your operating costs

AmeriWater’s Ozone Disinfection System saves money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive chemicals. No more hassle of storing, transporting, measuring, mixing and disposing of powerful chemicals.

Ozone out performs chemical disinfection

Ozone has greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria compared to chemicals (50% stronger and 3,000 times faster). Microorganisms cannot build up a tolerance to ozone. It is also highly effective in reducing endotoxin and biofilm, greatly improving water quality.

A cost effective alternative to heat disinfect

Retrofitting an existing water treatment system to a new heat system can be a very cost prohibitive endeavor. It requires much more power and a new loop and wall boxes have to be installed. A cost effective alternative is the AmeriWater Ozone System that can be adapted to any water system with a storage tank. Quick connect connectors with shut offs enable easy connection. This portable and compact unit can be moved from bicarb to water systems or center to center.

AmeriWater’s ozone system is FDA 510k cleared for both bicarb and dialysis water systems.

Is Using Ozone Safe?

  • The AmeriWater system has an ozone gas off chamber that removes excess gas not dissolved in the water and runs it through an ozone gas destruct device, returning it to oxygen.
  • The AmeriWater Ozone Disinfection System provides dissolved aqueous ozone concentrations of at least 0.5 ppm with a contact time of at least 30 minutes for disinfection of the dialysis water treatment system.
  • OSHA regulations state that an individual must not be exposed to a concentration of ozone gas higher than:
    • 10 PPM (Parts Per Million) by volume over an 8-hour period
    • 20 PPM by volume over a 10-minute period
  • The half-life of ozone is much shorter in water than in air
  • The human nose can detect the ozone odor at .02 PPM, which is 5 times lower than the OSHA safe level
  • Ozone gas is not harmful to humans at low concentrations


  • Entire device conforms to IEC UL standard 61010-1
  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 91405


  • Model: 0077-0010
  • High-Corona Discharge Process
  • Electrical Requirements: 115V, 60Hz, 3 Amps
  • Ozone Output: 10 Grams Per Hour (Oxygen)
  • Power Consumption: 275 Watts
  • Dimensions In. (W x D x H): 15 x 24 x 35
  • Weight Lbs.: 70