I need cleaner instruments for my central sterile processing department.
Complete water treatment systems for Central Sterile Processing from AmeriWater are designed to use a minimum of valuable floor space and provide high quality water for washing, rinsing and disinfecting.
Our acute dialysis department needs high quality water that meets AAMI and FDA standards.
The MRO product line is perfect for dialysis applications ranging from single patient through multi stations. Each unit has everything you need to transform your tap water into dialysis quality water.
We need Type I or Type II CLSI (clinical lab standards institute) water for our entire lab.
With reverse osmosis systems and deionizer packages that produce up to 18 meg ohm water quality, Ameriwater has the right ultra pure water system for your laboratory.
Our blood analyzer requires consistent high quality water.
Using high quality water in your blood analyzer produces consistent results. AmeriWater offers a range of water treatment systems to meet your flow rate and volume requirements – along with your budget.
Our laboratory glassware requires spot free rinse.
Getting residue-free glassware is easy with water treatment from AmeriWater. A variety of reverse osmosis and deionizer systems are available based on your daily usage.
We need to improve the cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes.
Treated water for endoscope reprocessing reduces the risk of patient infection. AmeriWater offers water treatment systems that reduce bacteria, particulate and total dissolved solids for endoscope reprocessing and rinsing.