Cooling Tower Filtration

Particles responsible for fouling cooling tower water are smaller than 5 microns. AmeriWater high efficiency filters for cooling tower water treatment remove these extremely fine particles to provide the true benefits of clean cooling water. Not only do filtration efficiencies improve dramatically, the filters require up to 10 times less backwash water. In comparison to standard multi-media filtration, the benefits of AmeriWater’s cooling tower water treatment includes:

Healthcare Cooling Tower Water Filtration System

  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less space required
  • Much less backwash
  • Cleaner cooling water
  • Quick payback on investment


  • 304 stainless steel vessels
  • Type L copper or Schedule 80 PVC manifold
  • Individually motor controlled bronze ball valves with stainless steel internals
  • Centrifugal pump with TEFC motor
  • PLC control and motor starter package with single point power connection
  • Stainless steel support rails and pump skid
  • Field switchable backwash source (city or system)
  • 1/2 micron filtration for cooling towers
  • 1/4 micron filtration for closed loops
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available to meet the needs of your application