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Heat Disinfect Reverse Osmosis (MediQA)

Heat Disinfect Reverse Osmosis (MediQA)

AmeriWater’s MediQA Heat Disinfect Reverse Osmosis System use proven reverse osmosis technology to provides a superior blend of reliability, efficiency and patient safety. When coupled with pre-treatment, this fully integrated water purification solution provides a complete system for 6 to 40 stations. Systems with single or dual pass membranes are available. With automated heat disinfection of RO membranes, MediQA units ensure that any potential for bacterial growth on membrane surfaces is minimized. User-friendly operation is managed through a full color touch screen display with comprehensive menu navigation – including full schematics. Password protected stored data includes active status indicators, alarm conditions and performance logs. The stored data can be downloaded to a remote PC or accessed through the touch screen.

The MediQA Heat Disinfect RO can be combined with the AmeriWater Heatsan Heat Disinfect System for the Distribution Loop for a complete heat disinfect system (RO and Loop).



  • Single and dual pass membrane configurations.
    • Provides maximum flexibility in water quality.
  • Automated heat disinfection of RO membranes.
    • Provides system efficiency and labor savings.
    • Ensures that any potential for bacterial growth on membrane surfaces is minimized.
  • Full color touch screen display with comprehensive menu navigation, including full schematics.
  • Advanced data logging technology with password protection.
    • Information available via an integrated touch screen display or downloaded to Excel.
    • Stored data includes active status indicators, alarm conditions and performance logs.
  • 8” TFC membranes in FRP vessels for durability.
  • Compact, powder coated aluminum skid mounted package.


Reverse Osmosis (MediaQA) Specifcations
Membranes TFC Heat Disinfectable Water Conversion 50 – 75%
Salts Rejection > 96% Feed Water
pH Tolerance 2 – 11 Total Dissolved Solids < 1000 ppm
Connections        Chlorine < 0.1 ppm
       Feed Water 1.25” FNPT        Hardness < 4 ppm at CaCO3
       Overflow Tank Drain 1.5” FNPT        Fouling Index (SDI) < 5
       Concentrate (reject) 1” FNPT        Pressure (PSI) 20 - 90
       Permeate (product)* 1” FNPT        Temperature 41 - 95°F
       Loop Return 1” FNPT
Single Pass Dual Pass
Gallons/Day* (up to) 6,480 12,960 17,280 7,920 14,400
Gallons/Minute* (up to) 4.5 9 12 5.5 10
Number of Membranes 1 2 3 3 5
Replacement Membrane R22-8041 (8” x 40”)
Minimum Feed Flow (GPM) 21 26 29 29 30
Power 208/230V, 60 Hz, 3 phase with dedicated neutral and ground
Max. Current Draw (Amps) 35 44 44 44 59
Shipping Weight Lbs. 1,175 1,500 1,550 1,820 2,470
Operation Weight Lbs. 950 1,310 1,375 1,660 2,285
Dimensions In. (W x D x H) 43 x 64 x 79 43 x 76 x 79
* Permeate flow rate at 77°F. Variations in feed water temperature can affect output by up to ±3% per degree Fahrenheit. Based on 1,000 microsiemens water or less. This sheet is not to be used for sizing purposes. Contact an AmeriWater representative and provide a loop design to properly size the system.


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 90626