2,400 – 19,200 GPD

Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis

WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMSPRO4 Series Standard Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis System
AmeriWater’s PRO4 Series Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed with energy saving features, durable components, quiet operation, and disinfection capabilities in a space saving configuration. Nominal fl ow rates range from 2,400 up to 19,200 gallons per day. The PRO4 Series are available as a standard or deluxe RO system.

Standard RO Systems are ideal for industrial processes, humidification, spot-free rinse, makeup water, deionizer pretreatment, commercial applications and many more.

Deluxe RO Systems are ideal for applications where disinfection capabilities are needed such as central sterile, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, Food and beverage and many more.

Why Choose AmeriWater’s PRO4 Series Reverse Osmosis System?

Deluxe RO System

  • Universal Frame Provides Expandability
    All systems utilize the same frame making the PRO4 extremely versatile. Systems can be expanded by simply adding additional membranes and larger pump.
  • Extra Low Energy Membranes = Cost Savings
    RO membranes operate at very low applied pressure resulting in reduced operating costs. These membranes provide consistent and reliable system performance.
  • Advanced Controller Technology with Superior Interface
    A 4 line LCD display with clear easy to understand information takes the guesswork out of monitoring the RO. The controller stores up to 4 programs and can be easily programmed by connecting it to a PC. Interface software
    is included with the system. The controller on the deluxe system is UL 508 certified.
  • Stainless Steel Quiet Pump is Designed for Durability
    Precision molded acetal impellers provide perfect balance for ultra-smooth operation ensuring high performance and efficiency. Systems are available with high or low 3 phase voltage.
  • System is Adaptable to Most Clean-in-Place Systems
    With the RO’s adaptability and open frame design the PRO4 Series allows for easy maintenance and serviceability.
  • AmeriWater Offers Complete Water Systems
    Pretreatment and post treatment is available to make a complete water treatment system custom designed to meet your specific water needs.


  • 1 micron sediment pre-filter
  • Microprocessor controller with 4 line LCD display
    – Controller stores 4 default programs
    – Can be programmed by connecting RO
    controller to PC
    – Interface software is included with system
  • Product water conductivity monitoring (μS)
  • Operation pressure gauges
    – Inlet / outlet on pre-filter
    – Pump pressure
    – Reject pressure
  • Product and reject flowmeters
  • Adjustable reject and recirculation flows
  • Low inlet pressure alarm/cutoff
  • Operates on single storage tank level switch
  • Pretreatment lockout
  • Quick connect wiring interface for field connections
  • Percent rejection display
  • Product divert to drain on poor quality
  • Metallic components are stainless steel
  • Adjustable recirculation flow meter
  • Operates on dual storage tank level switches
  • UL 508 certified controller
  • Ability to interface with feed water chemical feed pump