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Multimedia Water Filter Systems – 13 up to 28 GPM

Multimedia Water Filter Systems – 13 up to 28 GPM

The automatic backwashing sediment filters utilize the Fleck 2850 SXT control valve with electronic timer, composite media tank, anthracite, quartz sand and garnet for long lasting depth filtration.



  • The control valve utilizes the time proven piston-seal-spacer technology for durable, maintenance free service.
  • Plastic and brass construction will not corrode.
  • Media bed has three layers selected for particle size and specific gravity providing highly efficient removal of particulate matter from water. The top layer traps coarse debris, the middle layer traps medium size particles, and the bottom layer traps particles as small as 10 microns.
  • The multimedia design offers the advantage of efficient filtering and long service runs between filter backwashes.


Operating Requirements

Pressure: 20-100 PSI
Temperature: 35-100°F
Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz, 5 amps
Turbidity: < 55 NTU

Model 0096147 0096148 0096149 0096174
Continuous Flow Rate GPM* 13 16 22 28
Peak Flow Rate GPM 21 27 36 47
Media Cu. Ft. 4 5 7 10
Tank Size In. 16 x 65 18 x 65 21 x 62 24 x 72
Drain Flow GPM 15 20 25 30
Valve Pipe Size In.
Weight Lbs. 495 570 635 880
* Continuous flow rate based on 9 GPM per square foot for water less than 55 NTU.
Slower rates should be used for higher NTU.