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Reverse Osmosis for PrintWater – 40 up to 2,200 GPD

Reverse Osmosis for PrintWater – 40 up to 2,200 GPD

By using demineralized water produced by PrintWater systems, you can count on water conductivity between 10 and 20 micromhos (microsiemens/cm), the perfect water for mixing with your press chemistries for consistent and continuous printing. The RO Series includes reverse osmosis system, solid blue storage tank to prevent algae growth, repressurization pump, anti-scalant system, carbon filter, and installation kit.



  • Carbon housing for chlorine removal
  • A thin film composite membrane provides superior salt rejection and flow
  • Anti-scalant pump system eliminates the need for a water softener
  • Quiet, stainless steel/plastic inline pump delivers trouble free service
  • Anti-scalant liquid reduces scale build up; easily topped off monthly
  • Temperature compensated digital controller displays conductivity, hours of operation and feed water temperature
  • Simple tank level connection
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Rotometer measures product water flow in GPM/LPM
  • Pre and post treatment filter gauges


Model 00RO-1 00RO-3
Maximum Flow Rate 800 GPD 2,200 GPD
Installation Requirements Two dedicated 20 amp / 115V circuits, nearby drain or drain pump
Water Supply Tap water supply acceptable, minimum 20 PSI flow at 5 GPM
RO Dimensions In. (W X D x H) 15 x 23 x 45 27 x 21 x 50
Storage Tank Dimensions In. (Dia. X H) 23 x 76 35 x 81
Storage Tank Capacity Gallons 130 300
Weight Lbs. 225 255