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Reverse Osmosis System – Portable Heat Disinfect

Reverse Osmosis System – Portable Heat Disinfect

The Centurion by AmeriWater is a sleek, compact Portable Heat Disinfect Reverse Osmosis System, which includes a .005 micron ultra-filter that enhances the microbiological quality of the water. With its cool drain technology, utilizing fresh water, the RO can be used immediately after heat disinfection, which only takes up to 90 minutes. The programmable auto flush and continuous recirculation of product water up to the point of use, in addition to the break tank emptying on shut off, eliminates the potential for bacterial growth. The system consistently produces quality water on demand. Data is easily downloadable via a USB connection to an Excel file and includes status changes, alarms and process values to help users analyze the unit’s performance. AmeriWater’s Centurion has a whisper quiet nocturnal mode with single touch activation, which allows the patient to dialyze overnight without being disturbed.



  • Maximum flow rates of 1500 ml/minute
  • The permeate specification exceeds recognized dialysis water treatment standards
  • Integrated hot water disinfection of the membrane and loop for enhanced microbiological performance
  • Cool drain technology
  • Whisper quiet nocturnal mode
  • State of the art, touch screen display for easy control
  • Data logging
  • Automatic service reminders
  • Upgradable software via USB
  • Break tank with air gap to protect raw water supply
  • Semi-automated chemical cleaning program
  • Recirculation and heat disinfection of product water up to the point of use
  • Internal leak detection system for peace of mind within the home environment
  • .007 ultra-filtration final module provides enhanced microbiological specification
  • Audible alarm with mute facility
  • Antimicrobial coated fascia
  • Anti-tilt
  • Optional 20” x 20” cart is available for portability (p/n 0090-0004) includes one 10” 1 micron sediment filter and two 20” carbon block filters


  • Product Output (max): 1500 ml/minute @ 50°F
  • Microbiological: <0.1 CFU/ml, <0.03 EU/ml
  • Feed Water Total Hardness (max): 400 ppm as CaCO3
  • Feed Water Temperature (min/max): 35/95°F
  • Feed Water Total Chlorine: 0.1 ppm
  • Power Requirements: 115V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 12 Amps
  • Dimensions In. (W x D x H): 11 x 19 x 34
  • Operating/Shipping Weight Lbs.: 84/99


  • Entire device conforms to IEC UL standard 60601-1
  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 88968