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Sterile Processing Water System – less than 50

Sterile Processing Water System – less than 50

Water treatment system for central sterile processing

For Applications Requiring Less Than 50 Gallons Per Hour*.

AmeriWater’s water treatment system for central sterile processing, model 00HC-2002, provides deionized water for a single washer/disinfector or sterilizer with very little maintenance. The system provides 200,000 ohm-cm minimum quality water. On-board recirculation pump with on/off switch keeps the water moving, which helps maintain high quality water at all times. Includes carbon block prefilter and worker/polisher mixed bed deionizer packs. When the indicator light changes from green to red (and alarm sounds), simply remove the lids and exchange the resin packs. Resin packs are not disposed of but regenerated by AmeriWater. Flow rate is up to 3 GPM. Cart mounted with casters.

* Capacity is dependent upon incoming water quality. A water analysis of the incoming water supply is recommended prior to selecting this model.



  • Carbon block prefilter
  • Temperature compensated 200,000 ohm-cm monitor with alarm and 12 volt plug in transformer
  • Two PVC columns for ½ cubic foot replaceable resin or carbon packs
  • Recirculation pump
  • Inlet pressure regulator prevents inlet pressures above 50 PSIG.
  • Deionizer bottom 0.007” slotted distributors prevent resin from exiting the system.


  • Feed Water Quality Requirement: EPA Drinking Water Standards
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 100°F Maximum
  • Inlet Water Pressure: > 10 PSIG
  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM
  • Output Water Quality: > 200,000 ohms
  • Electrical: 115V, 3 Prong Receptacle
  • Dimensions In. (W x D x H): 24 x 16½ x 42
  • Weight Lbs. (Shipping / Operating): 150 / 106


  • ISO 13485 Registered Device