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Ozone Disinfection for Hemodialysis
Explains how the need for better disinfection to meet and exceed the AAMI 23500 Standard makes using ozone disinfection an ideal choice for facilities.

The Value of Heat Disinfect in Dialysis
Provides in-depth facts and data on this effective and eco-friendly process. Send for your free copy today.

Improved Hemodialysis Through Ultra-Pure Water Treatment
Packed with great information regarding the new standards, monitoring guidelines and proper water sampling procedures.

CMS, FDA and AAMI Requirements for Bicarb Systems Made Simple
Explains the latest standards, which includes a compliance checklist to help you determine if your bicarb system meets the latest standards.

Water Quality for Healthcare
Contains important data on the latest advances in water quality, requirements and application of high purity water in healthcare facilities.



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Heat Disinfect - Single
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Ozone Disinfection System
RO Dialysis - 1 to 2 Stations
RO Dialysis Systems - 3 to 6 Stations
RO Dialysis - Up to 35 Stations
RO Dialysis - Open Frame
Bicarbonate Systems
Wall Boxes
Acid Distribution System
LAL/AAMI Water Testing

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Laboratory Ultra Pure Water
Blood Analyzers
Sterile Processing Water
Cooling Tower Filters
Dialysis Water Treatment
Point-of-Use Lab Water Systems
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