Dialysis Solutions

A long-established water purification specialist, AmeriWater has a deep understanding of the critical role high purity water plays in hemodialysis – this expertise is applied throughout product development and all customer service.

We believe that high purity water that meets CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) and AAMI (American Association of Medical Instrumentation) standards is the number one medicine for dialysis patients.

AmeriWater manufactures FDA medical devices (510K) that provide this high purity water for acute settings and for chronic treatment centers. In addition, we manufacture bicarbonate and acid concentrate systems, disinfection systems, clean-in-place systems, distribution loops and wall boxes to complete what the hemodialysis facility needs.

Our nationwide network of sales and service dealers means same day support can be provided to any US location, offering you fast response times, access to unparalleled local support and expertise, in-service training, installation, maintenance and customized service contracts.

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