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Industrial Water Systems

Industrial Water Systems

Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems
AmeriWater offers a complete range of RO water treatment systems which are designed for durability and ease of operation. Sizes range from small wall mount systems capable of producing up to 1,095 gallons per day to large industrial units capable of producing up to 129,600 gallons per day. AmeriWater also provides complete water systems that include water softeners, carbon filters, ROs, deionizers, repressurization pumps and storage tanks to meet the customer’s water needs.

High Efficiency Cooling Tower Water Filtration Systems
High efficiency sand filters designed by AmeriWater effectively remove the extremely fine particles, as low as 1/4 micron, that cooling towers scrub from the air. More efficient filtration means cleaner heat transfer surfaces and reduced corrosion rates for improved energy savings and longer equipment life. AmeriWater offers a wide range of sizes from single tanks up to six tank systems producing 600 gallons per minute.