Accessories for Dialysis Water Treatment


Pall Endotoxin Filter CartridgeEndotoxin Removal Cartridge Filters
Validated proven technology for bacteria, endotoxin, and particle control. Provides retention of fine particles smaller than the membranes 0.2 micron rating.

Nephros Dual Stage UltraFilterNephros Dual Stage Ultra-Filter
The Nephros Dual Stage Ultra-Filter helps you meet the lower levels of contaminants allowed under the AAMI microbiological standards for dialysis water.

Single Stage Ultrafilter for Bicarbonate FiltrationNephros Single Stage Ultra-Filter for Bicarbonate Filtration
The Nephros Single Stage Ultra-Filter is ideal for use as a bicarbonate filter to help ensure ultrapure dialysate.

ChlorPlus Chloramine Carbon Block CartridgesChloramine Carbon Block Cartridges
Chloramine removal cartridges are ideal for portable RO and DI dialysis water treatment.

AntiscalantAnti-scalant for Hardness Removal
AmeriWater’s PT401 anti-scalant liquid ties up the hardness minerals sending them down the drain, protecting scaling of the RO membrane.

PeracidinPeracidic Sterilant for Disinfection
Protect your membranes. Protect your employees. Protect your environment. AmeriWater Sterilant allows you to do all this while, at the same time, providing superior disinfection.

Clean in Place Model CIP1Membrane Clean-In-Place System
An economical way to keep your membranes scale-free for improved performance.

Booster PumpsPre-Treatment Equipment Booster pumps, Blending Valves, Water Softeners

Alarm Panel With Remote ControlMonitoring
Wall mounted meters / Remote location monitors / Test strips for chlorine, hardness and sterilants

Storage TankStorage Tanks
Cone bottom / Spray balls for sterilant distribution



  • AmeriWater is one of the few companies to offer such a broad line of accessories for the dialysis industry.
  • Everything from the blending valve through the final filter meets the medical device requirements of ISO, FDA and Health Canada