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Silex Deionization Systems – 10 up to 30 GPD

Silex Deionization Systems – 10 up to 30 GPD

Silex single housing deionizer is designed for smaller users of deionized water, i.e. labs, eye glass stores, small batch mixing, cigar humidifiers, polishing of RO product water, and small ultra-sonic cleaners. The Silex deionizer uses a pack of mixed bed resin that is sent back to the regeneration center to be recharged. A spare pack is usually purchased so they can be alternated for regeneration. The regeneration service is only a fraction of the cost of disposable deionizer cartridges. The all-plastic PVC housing is durable and the packs are easy to exchange. Different model packs produce different water quality for various applications. Units are available with or without casters and with different resistivity monitors (20,000, 50,000 or 200,000 ohms/cm) or no monitor.



  • Inlet/Outlet: ½” NPT
  • Capacity: ½ cubic foot
  • Flow Rate: Up to 3 GPM
  • Maximum Feed Pressure: 50 psi without regulator kit
  • Maximum Temperature: 110°F
  • Bottom Drain and Sample Port: ⅜” ball valve
Model Monitor** Pre-Filter Size In. (W x D x H) Ship Weight Lbs.
Silex Single Deionizers Without Casters
00M10400 None None 11 x 9 x 36 28
00M12500 200K 10” 16 x 9 x 36 33
00M15500 50K 10” 16 x 9 x 36 33
Silex Single Deionizers With Casters
00M10000 None None 13 x 41 x 18.5 30
00M11200 1 meg/alarm 10” 16.5 x 41 x 18.5 35
00M12200 200K 10” 16.5 x 41 x 18.5 35
00M15200 50K 10” 16.5 x 41 x 18.5 35
00M17200 20K 10” 16.5 x 41 x 18.5 35
*Gallons per day (GPD) is based on incoming water quality.
** Resistivity monitor 50,000 or 200,000 ohms/cm.