We need a portable single patient station.
AmeriWater MRO Series Water Treatment Systems
FDA 510K registered RO/complete water treatment system for dialysis. The compact sizes of the MRO systems are perfect for single or dual patient use.
We need a small central system, only up to six stations.
AmeriWater Mini-Central Water Treatment Systems
The Mini-Central System is perfect for acute dialysis, nursing homes and correctional facilities. FDA 510K registered.
We need a complete central FDA 510K registered water treatment system — everything from the blending valve to the final filter.
AmeriWater Central Complete Water Treatment Systems
Everything you need for a complete central system. Designed for easy, stress free operation. With remote location monitors and free 24-hour telephone support.
Our staff doesn’t have time to prepare bicarbonate solution.
Bicarbonate Systems
A complete system for worry free preparation and distribution of acid concentrate and bicarbonate solution.
We need a quick and easy way to monitor the quality of our water.
AmeriWater LAL and AAMI test kits
Ameriwater has our own FDA registered in-house laboratory. LAL and AAMI water testing services are provided with quick, accurate results.
I’ve got a question, but don’t want to wait for a full consultation.
Ask a Question Online
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