Acid Distribution System


AmeriWater acid concentrate distribution systems help minimize your maintenance and maximize your up-time through a unique design and optimal materials. Systems are available in capacities of 130, 300, and 500 gallons.ACID CONCENTRATE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM

  • Long-lasting virgin polyethylene tanks with flat bottom complete with connections for fill, pump feed, and loop return
  • Piping and true union valves are PVC schedule 80 for maximum durability
  • Pumps are magnetic drive, medium head, poly design, with mounting frames
  • Pressure gauge
  • Lightly pressurized distribution and recirculation provides steady, consistent delivery and decreases air lock potential


  • 130 Gallon System: 22” W x 76” H
  • 300 Gallon System: 35” W x 81” H
  • 500 Gallon System: 46” W x 76” H