LAL/AAMI Water Testing


Dialysis Water Testing Services

With a choice of LAL and AAMI testing for your hemodialysis water, you can rely on AmeriWater’s fast, accurate and responsive service. Along with an easy-to-use sampling kit, our customers receive free telephone consultation and can get results within 36 hours when necessary.

LAL Testing

  • Our Kinetic Fourth Generation QCL testing method provides you with exact endotoxin levels
  • A chart is provided to help you track your level of endotoxins, and as it changes, you’ll see if you should be preparing for a disinfection…before it’s too late
  • Standard turn-around time is within 36 hours of when your sample is received

AAMI Testing

  • Quick, easy to read reporting
  • Standard turn-around time is only approximately five business days from the date we receive your sample
  • Emergency testing with 36 hour turn-around time available at extra charge (excluding Saturday/Sunday)

Free Consultation
We are more than just a testing lab. AmeriWater manufactures water treatment equipment for the dialysis industry, and offers on-site seminars in water treatment and testing for dialysis. If you have a problem with the results of your LAL or AAMI test, we will make recommendations over the telephone, and provide you with information such as disinfection procedures, monitoring schedules, proper layout design…whatever you need to solve your water treatment problems.

Telephone consultations and information are free to our customers!



  • AmeriWater is one of the few labs in the US that reports exact LAL results in accordance with the lower endotoxin standards published 6/29/11.